How BIM & tablet computers were utilized to complete the new academic building of Davidson College

How BIM & tablet computers were utilized to complete the new academic building of Davidson College
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The building contractor Rodgers Builders implemented BIM technology as well as tablet computer for completing the construction work of Davidson College’s New Academic Building.

BIM facilitates to generate digital plans to visualize the design as well as collaborate for constructing the building from the ground up. All these were possible by utilizing wield iPads and a software alias autodesk Glue 360. The contractors were also able to get an electronic, multi-colored model of the building.

The builders got the ability to stir quickly from end to end of the whole project, analyze any part at any scale and from any angle. They were able to zoom instantly from a wide-angle view of the complete structure to a broader view of, as for example, a single door handle.

BIM accumulates crucial information concerning each part of the project. The most vital characteristic of BIM is the ‘I,’ defined as information. BIM is basically a database of information that expands with the progression of the project as well as storing of information supplied by the parties associated with the project. As the builders receive more & more information on the jobsite, they will be better equipped to build up the construction in an efficient manner.

As for instance, if the contractor clicked on that virtual door handle, it will provide a palette of its properties the manufacturer’s name and link to their web site, part number, color, related hardware, and designation of the subcontractor liable for setting up.

BIM kept the subcontractors on the same platform throughout the construction and resolved the issues which occured due to different subcontractors created plans for their separate parts of a job.

The new BIM standard in construction commenced as soon as the architects and engineers generated a digital model of the building plan. These models were forwarded to the design team members, who included additional detailed information regarding the project.

The leaders of subcontracting groups then accessed the model while staring work on the building. King from Rodgers Builders held a training program for subcontractors to provide information on various aspects of the Glue 360 software for the purpose of bidding and building projects.

The software facilitated the contractors to get things right the first time and expend more time constructing it virtually in order to carry out things just the once, obtain them right, and go by inspections the first time.

So, BIM can construct things virtually before they exist in reality and can incorporate all the project stakeholders with everybody working within the model to complete the project before time and flawless as possible.