How Arabtec utilized Bentley’s BIM technology for its Fairmont Hotel project in Abu Dhabi

How Arabtec utilized Bentley’s BIM technology for its Fairmont Hotel project in Abu Dhabi
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In order to make a construction project successful, the costs associated with a project as well as project completion time should be decreased by applying proper software.

Dubai based Arabtec Construction,, gained significant benefits through integration of apt information sharing technique and proper utilization of model.

Arabtec employed i-models from Bentley Systems, for its Fairmont Hotel project in Abu Dhabi, to allocate the project related information easily and automatically. With i-models, the project stakeholders will be able to distribute & avail BIM files that offers pertinent information for individual user confidentially and precisely as well as insert data keeping the original model unchanged.

Thus, Bentley’s changeable platform and the solution’s capability bring huge benefits to the project team members by empowering them to efficiently handle the project information across the whole project lifecycle phase. In reality, it is estimated that the application of i-models on the Fairmont Hotel—Abu Dhabi project result in minimizing delivery cost by 30% and at the same time trim down the project delivery time by roughly 1,000 man-days.

So, if you use perfect software, the project coordination process as well the standard and trustworthiness of data sharing amid project team members will be enhanced significantly which in return can provide great value to a project and to the bottom line of the company. If you spend money in acquiring the proper construction technology, it will be considered as an investment in the business itself as it can make the process easy for accommodating the 3d information models, improve the project delivery & project documentation system significantly.